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Expert Analysis of Submitted Manuscripts

All articles are checked for plagiarism.

Decisions on the publication of articles are made on the basis of the “double-blind peer-review”. This means that during the process of reviewing, personal data of reviewers and authors shall be withheld.

Each article is reviewed by two acknowledged specialists in the subject matter.

These terms apply to all publications except in the category “There is an opinion”: it is formed by invitations and decisions of Editorial Board.

The criteria of quality of manuscript are originality, significance of the results and its validity, clarity of text. If the author is a supporter of any socio-political movement or adherent of any religion and this fact is reflected in his / her article, it has no effect on the results of reviewing of the article.

The Editorial Board informs an author about accept the article for publication. The Editorial Board sends to author comments from reviewers and editors. In accordance with the remarks author should edit the article.
In case of rejection, the editorial Board sends the author a reasoned refusal.

Financial Conditions

Articles are published in the journal after an approval of them by reviewers as without pay and with reimbursement of publishing expenses of journal. The materials of authors invited by the Editorial Board (editor in chief) are published free (at the expense of journal). Manuscripts of postgraduate students are published free too. In other cases a reimbursement of publishing expenses is 8000 RUB and more (at the expense of author or his/her sponsor).


Readers of the Journal are researchers, analysts, Economics, and a wide circle of people interested in the socio-economic issues both in Russia and abroad.


The authors shall guarantee that the submitted manuscript is the original work and all copyrights on it belong to him / her. The author transfers the rights on using the manuscript the publisher.


All articles of the journal are publicly available — on the websites of the journal and the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.RU: see http://elibrary.ru). A free reproduction of material of the journal for personal use and a free using of material of the journal for information, research, educational or cultural purposes are permitted in accordance with Art. 1273–1274 of Ch. 70 of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Other variants of using are only possible after the signing of appropriate agreements with the copyright holders (the management of the journal and the authors of the articles of the journal).

General Publishing Rules

To publish a scientific article, the author (s) should submit a manuscript and other needed documents in exact accordance with the following requirements.

NB: the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject works that donot conform to the journal’s publishing rules.

Papers of students are only published with co-authorship of them supervisors. Postgraduate students are required to provide (in scanned form) a duly stamped review signed by PhD. or D.Sc. specialized in the subject matter.

The manuscript and other needed documents are submitted in electronic form (for details, see the section “Manuscript Preparation Rules”. The paper should not exceed 0.5 author sheets (20 000 printed characters including spaces between words).

The authors are responsible for the selection and accuracy of facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, dates, proper names, geographical names and other information. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit submitted texts.

The publication of articles does not always mean consent of the Editorial Board with the author’s point of view (in this case, the publication aims to discuss).

One author may be published maximum two articles in one journal’s issue.

You must attach the following documents to the article:

  • Fully filled application form (Application);
  • For postgraduate students: a signed and duly stamped statement of status of postgraduate student;
  • For postgraduate students: a duly stamped review signed by PhD or D.Sc. specialized in a subject matter.

The author agrees to the terms of the enclosed Authors Agreement by submission of the article.

The manuscript is submitted by e-mail article@idnayka.ru.

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